The Criminal Investigations Division (C.I.D) is responsible for criminal investigations conducted by the Cayuga County Sheriff’s Office and for providing investigative support to the Patrol Division. The members of C.I.D primarily investigate felony level crimes that include homicide, robbery, forgery, burglary, grand larceny, serious assaults, sex offenses, and narcotics sales and possession. Detectives assigned to C.I.D receive specialized ongoing training in the related areas of criminal investigation.
Along with day to day investigative responsibilities, members of C.I.D. are responsible for overseeing a number of specialty areas of law enforcement within Cayuga County. These areas include:


  • Sex Offender Management – Supervising and tracking designated sex offenders.
  • Juvenile Investigations – Investigating crimes involving juvenile suspects.
    Sex Crimes – Investigating all reports of sexual abuse involving adults and children.
  • Financial Crimes – Conducting complex investigations into financial exploitation and theft.
  • Prostitution and related Crimes – Conducting investigations into Vice offenses related to prostitution and human trafficking.
  • Employment Screening – Conducting employment background investigations.
  • Domestic Violence – Completing follow up investigations in domestic violence cases.


The Criminal Investigations Division works closely with other law enforcement agencies at the Federal, State, and Local level as well as the Cayuga County District Attorney’s Office. Support is also provided by Detectives in C.I.D. to the Finger Lakes Drug Task Force, a multi-jurisdictional area task force conducting narcotics investigations.