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Acting Training

Tom Todoroff StudioActing Training

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NYC Studio Weekly Class

Class meets once a week from 6:30-10:30pm on Wednesday evenings in the NYC Theater District. The training focuses on scene-study, monologue and audition technique for theater, TV and film. Tom directs the majority of classes and select evenings throughout the year are lead by guest artists. This class is best suited to intermediate to advanced actors who are looking for an artistic home where they can “work out” regularly, rehearse audition sides and develop a portfolio of polished scene and monologue material.

Admission: by interview.  Free first class for newcomers.*

Email the Studio with your:
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• Headshot
• Phone number
A TT team member will follow up!

​Contact Info: (212) 362-8141 nycstudio@tomtodoroff.com

*Newcomers are those who have not attended a previous TTS class or intensive.

NYC Conservatory

Now Auditioning for Fall 2016!

Conservatory training occurs Mondays through Fridays from September through May for two years.  Classes typically begin at 9am-10am and end at 2pm-3pm daily.  Training is challenging and comprehensive, lead by Tom and our highly accomplished faculty of industry professionals. Students study acting, auditioning, voice and speech, movement, on-camera, voice-over, stage combat, Alexander technique, masks, marketing, theater and film history, develop their own short films and much more.  Acting techniques covered include Adler, Hagen, Meisner, Method and Shurtleff.  Actors develop an unshakable skill set in theater, film and TV.  Tom and the entire faculty are committed to life-long mentorship for all Conservatory alumni. M-1 Visas available.

Admission: By application and audition.  An application must be received in advance of your audition.  Rolling admissions.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to schedule an orientation call with a TT Team member via Skype or phone prior to auditioning.

Contact Info: (212) 362-8141 conservatory@tomtodoroff.com

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NYC Summer Intensive

Seven to fourteen days of conservatory-style training lead by Tom and members of the TT Conservatory faculty in the heart of the NYC Theater District! Class meets daily from 9am-10am until 5pm-6pm. Training covers voice, movement, improv, auditioning, scene study, Q&A with guest artists and much more! Guest speakers in the past include Tony Goldwyn, Kristin Chenoweth, Ron Shelton, Katie Finneran and Stephen McKinley Henderson. One evening towards the end of the week, the entire group attends a Broadway show! This program is perfect for those considering the Two-Year Conservatory or for those in search of an immersive summer acting experience.

Admission: By application.

Contact Info: (212) 362-8141 nycsummer@tomtodoroff.com

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Regional & International Intensives

One or two full days of personalized coaching on scene, monologue and/or audition technique with Tom Todoroff. Intensives are held one to three times per year in select cities in the U.S., Canada and abroad. Each day of training typically begins around 9-10am and runs until 5-7pm. Participants may observe the Intensive or come prepared with a scene/monologue/audition piece.

Admission: Performers submit a request. Observers and newcomers may enroll directly.

Contact info: intensive@tomtodoroff.com *Please include your full name and location of the Intensive you’d like to attend.

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Master Class & Audition Tour

An introduction to training and working in New York, Hollywood and beyond! The Master Class & Audition Tour occurs in the winter and spring each year in various cities around the U.S. and abroad.

The class is a three hour demonstration of how this work renders immediate and overwhelming changes in any actor’s performance. Tom will coach several actors in front of the group and, at the end of class, take questions from attendees regarding any and all aspects of this business. This class is perfect for those considering moving to NYC for training or wish to simply learn a new approach to acting and auditioning.

Admission: by RSVP

Contact info: auditiontour@tomtodoroff.com *Please include your full name and location of the Master Class you’d like to attend.

Email auditiontour@tomtodoroff.com for more information.

Our Philosophy


Actors of all levels, students, artists, musicians and professionals are warmly welcomed!  It is our mission to create a joyful community of skilled artists.  Individual will is powerful.  Like-minded group support is omnipotent.  Especially for the actor, whose craft is inherently collaborative!

The training is designed to help the actor shed “competitive defense mechanisms,” facilitating access to one’s unique vulnerability, which is the cornerstone of all great acting.


The work is all-encompassing and prescriptive, based on each individual’s specific needs, with a strong concentration on vocal work, as the authority of one’s acting is directly proportional to the muscularity of one’s voice.


The material is challenging, ranging from the Greeks, Shakespeare, Ibsen, Chekhov, Williams and Miller, to new playwrights, original material, musical pieces and cold reading for film and television.  The Art, Spirituality and Business of an acting career.  Each individual, with guidance, chooses his or her own material, as all art stems from a personal, precise, passionate, political, provocative, purposeful point of view.  Strong writing creates strong actors.


The moment you believe you are too overwhelmed “to show up” to class is usually a mysterious gift, as it is the moment of your breakthrough.  Don’t miss it!  Walk through this perceived fire, rather than be consumed by it.