What's an Intensive?

One or two full days of personalized coaching on scene, monologue and/or audition technique with Tom Todoroff. Intensives are held one to four times per year in select cities in the U.S., Canada and abroad.

Each day of training begins approximately 9-10 am and runs until 5-7pm. Participants may observe the Intensive or come prepared with a scene/monologue/audition piece.


  • All correspondence pertaining to the Intensive will be done by email.  No phone calls please except in the case of a true emergency.
  • It is your responsibility to check your email regularly.  If you have not heard back from us, please resend the email.
  • Please include your phone number and email address in all correspondence.
  • Performers receive payment information with their acceptance letter.  Please refrain from submitting payment to Perform until you’ve been accepted.
  • Observers may enroll directly on the website – they do not need to wait for an acceptance letter.
  • Walk-ins are not accepted.  This includes observers.  Please make sure you’ve enrolled and received confirmation of your enrollment before attending.
  • Intensives fill up QUICKLY.  Don’t wait to apply.
  • Should you require further information, please email the local TT team.


Performing Actors:

  • All Performers receive a Syllabus upon acceptance.  Please read the Syllabus fully and complete the three required reading books before the Intensive.
  • First Time Performers are those who are performing in an INTENSIVE for the first time.  Please prepare a 1-2 minute monologue.* Be sure to have a second monologue in case Tom asks to see additional material. *Only exception to this rule is the Summer Intensive.  In this program, First Time Performers may prepare a scene.
  • Returning Performers are those who have previously attended an INTENSIVE and performed a monologue.  You may prepare a 3-4 minute scene with a scene partner.  Please have a 1-2 minute monologue ready in case your scene partner is absent for any reason.
  • Choose a piece by one of the 250+ authors listed on our Syllabus.  If you are committed to working on a piece by an author not on the Syllabus, you must email us the script for review and approval at least four weeks in advance of the Intensive date.
  • Read the entire play and understand the play.
  • Appropriate dialect for the text.  Please only work on a piece that requires a dialect if you are well-rehearsed and completely comfortable working in that dialect.
  • Wear appropriate cloths for the period.
  • If you have a scene partner, schedule rehearsals and honor the schedule!
  • Basic furniture (chairs and a table) will be provided by the theater.
  • Any additional props or furniture must be supplied by the actor.  These must be taken home each night.


  • Commitment to learn and take notes.
  • Respect for the actors and their performances.
  • Please no walking in and out while the work is taking place.

You will learn how to:


  • Strengthen and find your true voice
  • Seek your own good opinion
  • Be a text detective
  • Change the molecules in the room
  • Have talent for your talent
  • Think like a producer
  • Be the acting “CEO” of your own corporation
  • Dare us not to cast you
  • Know when you’re ready to get an agent
  • Be truly free by remaining unattached to the outcome
  • De-mystify the process and become an acting athlete
  • Transform nervousness into intense excitement
  • Act moment to moment and find the need for every line
  • Harness the power of the outer casting office
  • Be expressive rather than impressive
  • Personalize a role and work from yourself
  • Vanquish the unspoken pact
  • And much more!

You will learn why:

  • The Moment Before can get you the job
  • There are no “characters” in your script
  • The words “random” and “whatever” are dangerous
  • Two hundred and fifty is a magic number
  • Your acting has little to do with why we cast you
  • And much more!

Interested? See if we're coming to a city near you! Our events page has all of our upcoming classes & events.