Testimonials from Actors & Directors

STELLA_ADLER“To be an actor is to be a fighter. Mr. Todoroff is a real fighter. He has a brilliant facility for language and vulnerability, and by his example, teaches our class how to work”


Actor/Teacher/Author: Student and disciple of Stanislavski, actor with The Group Theater in the 1930’s, leading teacher and theorist, etc.

SASHA_ALEXANDER“Tom teaches me how to trust my own instincts and to always work from myself. Whether auditioning or getting sides at the last minute on the set, Tom’s insight into being a “text detective” is immensely invaluable. When I’m not working, I can’t wait to be back in class. When the business overwhelms me, Tom reminds me why I love acting.”


Actor: “Rizzoli & Isles”, “Yes Man”, “He’s Just Not That Into You”, “NCIS”, “Presidio Med”, “Dawson’s Creek”, “All Over the Guy”, etc.

GRAHAM_BECKEL“With great wit, warmth and insight Tom’s clearly articulated techniques ensure opportunity for tremendous growth and self-confidence. Above all Tom has that most precious of gifts one looks for in a teacher; he always dignifies his student’s efforts. The best in town!”


Actor: “Brokeback Mountain”, “L.A. Confidential”, “Pearl Harbor”, “The Paper Chase”, “The Marriage of Bette and Boo”, “The Dreamer Examines His Pillow”, “A Texas Trilogy”, etc.

CICELY_BERRY“Tom works at both a technical and an artistic level. He has that rare gift of giving the actor a belief in themselves so that they can explore the depth and motive of character, while at the same time giving them the means to convey this through language and voice. He is quite an exceptional teacher.”


Head of voice and speech: The Royal Shakespeare Company. Author: “Voice and the Actor” and “The Actor and the Text”, etc.

JACQUELINE_BISSET“I tend to be a loner in my preparation, but I very much enjoyed working with Tom. I felt emboldened and secure on the set.”


Actor: “Nip/Tuck”, “Dangerous Beauty”, “Rich And Famous”, “The Deep”, “Day For Night”, “Bullitt”, “The Detective”, etc.

JIMMY_BUFFETT“Tommy is the Invisible Coral Reefer. He hears stuff that only dogs hear and sees stuff that only eagles see! I go to work tonight with a clear falsetto and happy abdominal muscles… I’ve never canceled a performance. Thank you Talking Tom, my secret weapon.”


Singer/Songwriter/Author: “Tales From Margaritaville”, “Where is Joe Merchant”, “A Pirate Looks At Fifty”, etc.

NELL_CARTER“Tom directed me to a whole new depth of preparation. I now play things I never thought I’d be able to.”


Actor: “Gimme A Break”, “Ain’t Misbehavin’ “, “Hair”, etc.

LOLITA_DAVIDOVICH“From interpreting Shakespeare to navigating a call back, Tom will show you how to get the job.”


Actor: “Dark Blue”, “Blaze”, “Play It to the Bone”, “Jungle to Jungle”, “Intersection”, etc.

JOAQUIM_DE_ALMEIDA“I’m proud to say I was Tom’s first student. His talent and drive as an actor and producer have transformed him into one of the greatest teachers in the world. Tomitchka (Tom) is the fastest gun in the West.”


Actor: “Only You”, “Behind Enemy Lines”, “Desperado”, “24”, “Clear and Present Danger”, etc.

ROMA_DOWNEY“I love collaborating with him. We laugh a lot. Working with Tom restored my faith in my work and myself.”


Actor: “Touched By An Angel” Producer: Downey/Todoroff Productions, Six films for CBS, etc.

HARRISON_FORD“Tommy knows what he’s doing…”


Actor: “Hollywood Homicide”, “Clear and Present Danger”, “The Fugitive”, “Working Girl”, “Witness”, “Blade Runner”, “Indiana Jones”, “Apocalypse Now”, “Star Wars”, “American Graffiti”, etc.

BRENDAN_GLEESON“Tom’s professionalism and good humor nurtures self-belief without self-delusion, thereby bedding in the real confidence required for risk taking . . . my Black Monday transforms into Ruby Tuesday.”


Actor: “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”, “Cold Mountain”, “28 days later”, “Dark Blue”, “Gangs of New York”, “A.I.”, “Braveheart”, etc.

TONY_GOLDWYN“Tom is a force of nature. He’s that rare teacher who inspires you to surprise yourself. With Tom, you not only do your best work-you get work.”


Director/Actor: “Scandal”, “Promises, Promises” on Broadway,”The Last Kiss”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, “The Last Samurai”, “A Walk On The Moon”, “Someone Like You”, “Ghost”, etc.

BETH_HENLEY“Tom is an amazingly gifted teacher. I was so inspired by his class that I have been working madly. It is a miracle. He is intense, intelligent, and inspiration incarnate. I left his class dancing and have not stopped.”


Playwright/Screenwriter: “Crimes of the Heart”, “True Stories”, “The Miss Firecracker Contest”, “The Wake of Jamey Foster”, “Nobody’s Fool”, etc.

BOB_HOSKINS“Tom is brilliant with the verbal and he’s connected to his bollocks! He’s an actor’s director.”


Actor: “Noriega: God’s Favorite”, “Hook”, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”, “Mona Lisa”, “The Honorary Consul”, “The Long Good Friday”, “Othello”, “Pennies From Heaven”, etc.

SAMUEL_JACKSON“Todoroff is the best. Look no further… all you need is TT.”


Actor: “Django Unchained”, “Jackie Brown”, “Pulp Fiction”, “Unbreakable”, “The Negotiator”, “Rules of Engagement”, “The Phantom Menace”, etc.

CARL_LEWIS“Tom Todoroff is the acting world’s version of Tom Tellez my track and field coach – the best in the world.”


Track and Field Athlete/Actor: Ten Olympic Medals (nine gold) and Ten World Championship Medals (eight gold)

JUDITH_LIEBOWITZ“Tom is a natural born healer”


Teacher/Author: Co-founded the American Center for the Alexander Technique, and taught at The Juilliard School for more than 20 years, etc.

MARGUERITE_MOREAU“Tom will go the distance with you. He loves acting, he loves actors, and he is passionate about his school. If you put in the time, he will put in the time. He will pay attention and he will care. I came to Tom’s school seeking an environment where I could be open and available. There I found a teacher who was open and available.”


Actor: “Shameless”, “Runaway Jury”, “Easy”, “The Locket”, “The Queen of the Damned”, “Firestarter 2: Rekindled”, “Wet Hot American Summer”, etc.

LIAM_NEESON“Tom’s care, sensitivity and insight are second to none.”


Actor: “Taken I & II”, “The Grey”, “Batman Begins”, “Kingdom of Heaven”, “Kinsey”, “Gangs of New York”, “Schindler’s List”, “Rob Roy”, “The Phantom Menace”, etc.

PETER_OTOOLE“Tom’s choices are very bold and very specific. He is a fine actor and director.”


Actor: “Venus”, “My Favorite Year”, “The Ruling Class”, “The Lion in Winter”, “Lawrence of Arabia”, etc.

JIMMY_PAGE“Tom Todoroff is quite a masterful director of actors.”


Guitarist/Composer/Record Producer: Member of the Yardbirds, Co-founded Led Zeppelin. Member of the U.S. and U.K. Rock Hall of Fame. One of the most influential and versatile guitarists and songwriters in rock history.

ALEXANDER_PAYNE“If I wanted to be an actor, Tom’s the guy.”


Writer/Director: “The Descendants” [Oscar: Best Adapted Screenplay], “Sideways”, “About Schmidt”, “Election”, “Citizen Ruth”, etc.

ALAN_SCHNEIDER“Tom is one of the most talented actors to ever train at Juilliard.”


Director/Author: original productions of “Waiting for Godot”, “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf”, many Beckett and Pinter world premieres, Director of The Drama Division of The Juilliard School, etc.

“Tom Todoroff?  Oh, he’s good.”


Comedian/Actor/Writer/Producer/Director: “It’s Garry Shandling’s Show”, “The Larry Sanders Show”, “Sanford and Son”, “Welcome Back Kotter”

RON_SHELTON“Tom’s class is the best kept secret in town – for new actors learning the tools, or seasoned actors needing to tune up. It’s the class I send people to. If you don’t have passion for the craft, stay away. If you do, he’ll push you till you can fly on your own. He uses classical text as well as material his actors might be auditioning with – somebody sings “Mack The Knife” and somebody else does the opening to Richard III. It’s a great acting class, and Tom has a gift for teaching it.”


Writer /Director: “Hollywood Homicide”, “Dark Blue”, “Tin Cup”, “White Men Can’t Jump”, “Bull Durham” [Oscar Nominee for Best Picture], etc.

MICHAEL_SHURTLEFF“If you want to learn to audition in the most effective way, the very best teacher is Tom Todoroff. He picks up the torch where I left off and it shines even more brightly.”


Author/Playwright: “Audition”. Casting Director for Mike Nichols, Bob Fosse, etc.

CARMEN_TWILLIE“What I have gotten from working with Tom is not only increased access to my voice, but increased access to my life . . . a much better working relationship with myself, and God. He coached me through the most crucial audition of my career.”


Lead Vocalist: “The Circle Of Life” (“The Lion King” film), “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, etc.

PATRICIA_VELASQUEZ“My experience with Tom allowed me to free myself and be more than okay with who I am.”


Actor: “Mindhunters”, “The Mummy”, “The Mummy Returns”, “No Vacancy”, etc.

DIANE_VENORA“Tom is a passionate actor, director, coach and friend. He is committed to developing excellence of craft and truth of character in the actor.”


Actor: “The Insider”, “Heat”, “The Jackal”, “Hamlet”, etc.

ROBERT_WAGNER“Life is about making choices. What a rare gift Tom has for directing you to the strongest ones.”


Actor: “Austin Powers I, II & III”, “Hart to Hart”, “Becoming Dick”, etc.

Robert_Wuhl“They say ‘you are judged by the company you keep’. TT knows what he’s doing. He is specific, while at the same time simplistic — and that’s not an easy thing to accomplish! I don’t make a choice without him. Neither should you. Plus — he knows comedy, which few do.”


Actor/Writer/Director/Producer: “Assume the Position”, “Arli$$”, “Cobb”, “Batman”, “Bull Durham”, Rodney Dangerfield’s joke writer, etc.

Testimonials from Students

“Tom is a gift. He is so invigorating it is almost beyond words. He is passionate, fearless, and has a huge heart. Of course you know all this already, but take yourself back to the first time you met him – I am truly inspired!”
– Jonathan Monro

“I just wanted to let Tom know that I had an amazing and inspiring time at the workshop. I am prone to being very skeptical about things I must take on, but within hours of being there I found myself letting go and just being present. I feel privileged that I had the chance to work alongside such great, talented and giving people. Thank you.”
– Laura Perlmutter

“Before taking your workshop last weekend, I was rather disillusioned with what I was doing in this business. I was getting bored with theatre and rather tired of struggling from one gig to the next. The biggest lesson I walked away with was the basic idea that my own Will dictates my success. I felt inspired and revitalized to have this simple idea reiterated for me: Do the work and continuing success will come.”
“Thank you for a very inspiring weekend. I appreciated how much effort you put into conducting the workshop. You were open, frank, grounded, fun and incredibly informative. Your thoughts on acting schools, starting in “the biz”, acting techniques, are all refreshingly honest, and certainly true from my experience!…”
“…I have been talking to friends and associates for a week straight about my experience in your workshop. I have already recommended it to many and I know for myself I’d love to work with you again.”
“Your workshop is an enriching experience for both the experienced actor and the beginner alike. This business needs more Tom Todoroff!”
– Darren Keay

“Yesterday, when we were done with our scene, Tom said, “With you, we were in good hands”. And I will never forget those words for all they imply.”
“At the same time, I want to use the same words to describe my UNFORGETTABLE experience this last weekend: I WAS IN GOOD HANDS! Thank you, Tom, for being so inspirational. I love you all! You really made a difference in my life. THANK YOU!”
– Laura Soiza

“The course with Tom was PHENOMENAL!!! What an inspiration, and such a devout teacher to the actor’s cause. Tom certainly brings his best. I’m not alone when I say that I have left the Intensive Workshop with a completely redefined and improved approach to acting and auditions. Compared to other acting teachers, it’s night and day – with Tom emanating the brightest light imaginable!”
– Daniel Mazur (aka. the Sportsman)

“I had the most amazing experience with Tom, as did everyone that attended the workshop. It exceeded all my expectations. It was almost overwhelming. A friend asked me what happened and I simply replied, “Tom is what happened!” I had a great time.”
– Sandra Dacosta

Everyone was really moved and excited by the weekend – THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH TEACHERS WHO PUSH THIS WAY!”
“It was a tough weekend for me, but man did I need it! I had the beautiful fortune of coming home last night to a call from my agent with a booking. It’s time for swallowing pride, losing fear and walking forward. Here I go!
Thank you so much!”
– Rosa Laborde

“This weekend was an absolute blast! I am so glad I stuck with it! It was really an awakening, on more than one level… I hadn’t done a workshop in years (I think five!). Now the wheels are turning again and I won’t be stopping them anytime soon!!!!”
“Thank you so much for an exciting experience! I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again!”
– Maxine DuMont

“Call it Karma, call it energy, call it what you will. Being a part of all this was an explosive experience for me. It was an investment wherein the returns were received even before I was through reading the resource books; the class was the bonus! You all rock! I am going to personally invite all the people I work with to Tom’s subsequent workshops to get some of what I received. I will ensure that this fire continues burning! Thanks!”
– Ryan Singh

“WOW! The fog has been lifted. Tom’s workshop created a safe & loving environment within which we could stretch, grow and let go. It was awesome to watch and experience! Thanks for bringing this opportunity our way. It was enlightening.”
– Ipsita Paul

“It was a FABULOUS weekend! I absolutely cannot wait for my next audition so I can go there and SHINE. I have received a huge confidence boost that is already changing my work, and my life. I want to work with Tom again, and I will absolutely spread the word! Thanks again!”
– Jen Daniels

“I just wanted to let you know that I found the workshop absolutely brilliant. I was blown away by how much I learned from both performing and watching others work. I will definitely take a workshop with Tom again. Cheers,”
– Chadwick Allen

“I would like to thank you, Tom, for coming here and inspiring us! I am truly grateful to have had this uplifting experience, and am now set on the path to my true self as both an individual and an actor! Thank you!”
– Julie Tesolin

“I wanted to let you know what a great and inspirational weekend this was. Tom really knew EVERYTHING he was talking about! It was unbelievable, I mean he could just pick anything out and make it better – even if it was great to begin with!”
– Bryan Hansford

I am humbled by writing you. I now have a feeling of everlasting freedom. Meeting you, sharing space and absorbing a washing of essential truths about life and acting was igniting. I believe it was your honest energy and delight that awakened and focused me all at once.”
“Your range (fire and water) and consistent ease made studying with you an organic experience (triple organic)! I was bathed inside with a molecular change. I want it to last!”
– Dylan Smith [“Curly Jr.”]

“Dear Tom,
Now that we’ve all had a chance to take a breath, I wanted to write you and thank you for coming to Toronto. I’ve been taking professional classes at several different studios and I’ve learned something new with each experience. That being said, this past weekend was special. You’re truly present with us, and you don’t just provide a reflection, you provide a reflection and remove the ego. It’s really quite amazing.”
“Thank you for learning so much and then being driven to share it. Since you’ve left, e-mails have flown between the group. Talk about changing the molecules! Thanks again,”
– Jules Ross

“I was at the workshop on the 25th and 26th. I must say, I learned more in those two days than any other acting classes I’ve ever taken. I have a renewed energy about how I approach my auditions. I no longer feel like I’m at a plateau. With these new tools, I feel I can now overcome the challenges I’ve been dealing with. This is definitely a class I will do again and again and again!”
– Jagruti Parmar

“I took the Tom Todoroff Intensive this weekend and it was a life changing experience. Words alone cannot explain the sensation! For any of your clients interested in fast-forwarding their career, they must take this workshop. It will guide them to understanding themselves and the business. As Tom puts it, “It’s not just about working, but rather about working again!””
– Ryan Singh [Spreading the word!]

“The workshop was phenomenal. Really phenomenal! I am still processing and being affected by it! I’m unwinding and moving forward in a better head and heart space. It was a truly profound experience for which I am very thankful.”
“I already have been and will keep spreading the word. Great things are meant to be shared! Much love,”
– Alicia Payne

“This weekend was so incredibly inspiring. It renewed my love and passion for acting. I think just listening to Tom teach for two days was more valuable than the four years I spent at theatre school! I just wish the workshop was longer…”
“How often would I study with Tom?!? Well, let’s just say that I was inspired to pick up and move to LA to stalk him (in a very non-psychotic way) for more classes. I would sign up again as often as he came to town. Thanks for a tremendous opportunity!”
– Lindy Zucker

“I had so much fun and learned so much from everyone involved. If I could, EVERY MONTH I would travel with all of you, wherever you go!!!!!!
Please, once again, thank Tom for me. He is so refreshing, generous and inspiring. What a treasure!”
– Lina Felice

“This last weekend doing the Intensive with Tom was stupendous, re-affirming, invigorating, and just the right fresh input to further my art, career and life. Thanks for so fully endorsing and sharing your enthusiasm.”
– Shel Goldstein

“Thank you for putting together such an amazing event here in Toronto! I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to learn from Mr. Todoroff and it’s great to hear that he will be back to teach other talent up here.”
“As a writer, I discovered so much about what an actor looks for in a script. I expect my work will improve greatly now that I have such insight. I would most definitely like to receive further bulletins about your activities and I will be sure to forward them to all of my industry friends.
Best wishes,”
– Ashley Townsend

“I have to say that this workshop with Tom was completely uplifting and refreshing for me. I had an incredible time! I have been feeling a bit negative lately towards acting, and working with Tom really reminded me WHY I am in this industry and WHY I have been doing this for so long: because I LOVE acting!”
“I have a new positive outlook on things and I really thank you all for helping me to find that within myself again.”
– Vanessa Petronelli

“When I first arrived, I was very nervous. Everyone was older than me, and I felt like an inexperienced 15-year-old. But after being there for a while, I realized that everyone was there for the same reason as me… to learn and grow. The environment was very supportive, and every person there was unbelievably enthusiastic about acting. Watching everyone perform on stage really taught me a lot.”
“Tom has this ability to zone in and provide help right where it’s needed. I feel very fortunate to have attended this workshop. I would love to work with Tom as often as I can. Thanks so much for this wonderful experience. This workshop was the best thing I could’ve possibly done at this point in my career. Please tell Tom that I said thank you! I look forward to seeing him again.”
– Becky Sinclair

“I just wanted to say that I thought last weekend was an amazing experience. Having been through some very mediocre acting classes, where the instructor mentioned some long ago credits and promised the moon, I was extremely impressed. I thought Tom did an excellent job, and proved himself to be a warm, receptive and knowledgeable instructor.”
“Particularly impressive was the way he consistently took actors and helped them to fine tune (and in some cases overhaul) their performances to create dramatic (no pun intended) improvements quickly. Overall, it was everything I could have hoped for out of a workshop.”
– Lance Zurek

“Last weekend’s workshop was a life changing experience and definitely woke me up! I loved everything I learned from Tom and it’s already changing my life. I am more of an “action! action! action!” person now, instead of over-thinking everything. I learned a lot about auditions, technique. and life!”
“Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
– Suzie Vera

“Tom definitely struck a chord with me. He has an amazing grasp on life, one that reflects in his teachings. To grow as an actor you have to grow as a person, and Tom helps you do just that.”
“I made some definite decisions after the workshop and have been exuding more positive vibes since then. Tom was the guiding light. As for my career, things have been looking up here in terms of work, and have gotten a good recurring role now with a new CBC primetime drama. I’m coming to LA at the end of the year and am much more focused now.”
– Natasha Chandel

“Tom has a way of teaching people both on and off stage. And he does it in the best way – by example. We see how a scene is performed and then he directs it and makes an example of a guidepost. We can instantly see a change in the performance and see the effects of the theories that he teaches. It’s much better than just reading it in a book!”
“But the best part of it was his positive and kind energy. Tom truly wants to impart what he knows and wants to inspire us to work hard and strive for what we want. It was truly motivational and inspiring. I have to say that I learned more about directing in those two days than I did in four years of film school!”
– Tricia Lee

“WOW.WOW.WOW. Tom is the best thing that has ever happened to this world!!!! He’s full of life!!! He’s positive, EXTREMELY INTELLIGENT, and he truly cares about each and every one of us. He stayed later to get everyone’s scenes in and to talk to anyone who had questions.”
“This man is brilliant!!! I’m so happy that I chose to take this workshop. I want to be at every single one in the future.”
– Jana Angus

“I had an incredible experience this weekend. I cannot describe the difference in my approach to my work, as well as who I am as a person. It helped me regain that edge, that attitude I’d lost while at school. I have also found my voice again!”
“Overall, I had so much fun! I believe that this work is about discipline, action, and having fun, and the workshop was just that! From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much!”
– Lauren Wightman

“This weekend was a spark of energy. I feel as though my engine is firing at ten times the rate it was before!”
“Tom, you have an incredible ability to approach a large group of people, whom you’ve never met, and motivate them individually. I know Jaclyn and I were touched and inspired by this experience. Thanks again!”
– Daniel Chapman-Smith

“Tom is certainly an inspiring artist and a very astute coach in his observations. The main lesson I took away was to have faith in one’s work, and providing you have done “the work”, to share it openly without worrying about the end result.”
“I look forward to having the opportunity to study with him further.”
– Jennifer Rayner

“I just wanted to thank you so much for bringing us such an amazing workshop! It was so inspiring and real, and it truly was a life-changing experience. What I loved most about the workshop was Tom’s ability to make my work more compelling and engaging, and still be warm about it. He used what I gave him as a base, and he really acknowledged my work and worked from there.”
“Tom provided a very safe environment in which I didn’t have to worry about taking risks. I appreciate that more than anyone will ever know. Not only am I a better actor because of this weekend workshop, but I am also a better human being.Thank you Tom!”
– Kristina Maharaj

“As I’m sure you’re hearing from everyone else, this class was really amazing–Tom is so engaging and entertaining. The depth of his knowledge and experience is, quite frankly, mind-boggling!!”
“What really impressed me was his generosity. He stayed later each day (especially Sunday) and even encouraged one of our fellow actors to perform a musical theatre piece for us as a chance to practice before an upcoming audition (what a gem for us to witness!).  Overall, I felt it was a wonderful learning experience and would certainly do it again.”
– Mary Goldman

“I had an amazing time at the intensive last weekend, I feel like I’ve fallen in love with acting all over again… Everyone was so eager, willing and brave, it was wildly exciting! Tom is a genius and I know I can learn so much from him. His sensitivity, smarts and honesty, as well as the fact that he is the star of his own life, allow me to abandon myself to his care. I feel I can trust him. Thank you so much for all you have given of yourself to share this great gift with your fellow actors around the world.”
“That is no small accomplishment! It was so unexpected to find you such a beautiful, generous man. I watched you offer your support to all in a sincere manner. You helped everyone feel the abundance the universe has for all of us lovers of creativity! Your words of encouragement to me deeply resonated. They mean a lot to me.
THANK YOU. Until we meet again,”
– Nathalie Pellerin

“Attending Tom’s workshop this past weekend was a life-changing event for me: a defining moment in my life. I knew after the first few minutes that this was not going to be like any other workshop I have ever taken! Tom is a force to be reckoned with – his intensity, drive, passion and fearlessness shine through with every word, and movement. It’s contagious…I felt it…I was moved by it.”
“He genuinely cares about the students in class and really wants everyone to succeed – to be who they were meant to be; to find their authentic self; their passion in life, and go for it without fear. So much of what he said reaffirmed my own beliefs. There were many moments during the workshop where things just came together and became clear for me…”
“…The energy you feel when you are on his stage is like nothing I’ve experienced. I really needed this motivational push from Tom to go for it, without fear, and be relentless until I achieve my goal.”
“Thank you!”
– Mark S.

“”Wow”! What an incredible weekend I had! I haven’t felt such a buzz in a very long time. The energy was so inspiring and magnetic! It affected my breathing and my entire body!”
“I can’t really put the feelings into words, as the experience was so unusual and inspiring all at the same time. I realized many Cardinal Sins I was making at auditions and how to stop them now. Tom’s workshop held my attention unlike any other.Thank you for the unforgettable experience!”
– Trevor Crane

“Once again, Tom has filled my soul with light and inspiration. I am so happy right now I feel like I’m flying! I now know how to let go of past teachers negative influences and focus on my personal technique as an actor. ”
“I feel like I’ve grown so much from the last workshop and am going to keep challenging myself to follow my heart and what I want out of my life and career. Everything feels different now. Better! Tell Tom he rocks my world!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”
– Julie Tesolin

“The Tom Todoroff Workshop is the most enjoyable event that I can ever recall!
I have wanted to get into the “Biz” since grade school. I’ve never believed in ‘training’ schools as I have always thought that talent is brought out from within.”
“Great, great, great! Build it and they will come. And they have been coming and leaving satisfied! The emails have been pouring in! This weekend was even better than that last weekend, with so much more to share and experience! The way Tom teaches he should get a script and just shoot the class. But then this is just the beginning!!…”
“…I’d never performed in front of an audience before. It was thrilling! “We act to seek our own good opinion.” I’m proud of myself. I WANT MORE!! I’d still be sitting in that room if Tom was.”
“I wanted to thank him personally at the conclusion, but I didn’t want to lose it. I’ll be seeing you again, Tom. Deep in my heart I believe I will. My outlook on life has significantly changed. Until next time.”
– Nigel Ryan

“I can’t stop thinking about the workshop I just did! Listening to Tom, working with him, and putting the work into his reading list was nothing short of a life-changing event for me. He communicated the art of acting in such clear, passionate and thought provoking terms that I felt inspiration the likes of nothing I’ve ever experienced! He instilled in me a brilliant sense of confidence and independence in my personal craft, things that I have been searching for my entire life.”
“If you don’t mind, please pass this on to Tom? I want him to receive my many humble thanks for giving me one hell of a huge road sign pointing to the realization and fulfillment of my personal dream…”
“…He may never know how much joy he instilled in my soul this weekend. He threw a can of gasoline on my burning desire to act! He made me realize how much more important and powerful my imagination is, rather than my past, and allowed me to see that I can “give myself permission”. As I told my parents on the phone right after the workshop this evening, “I truly believe that I will look back on this weekend many years down the road and be able to acknowledge it as one of the most important events in my life.” So, again, another thank you.”
“I received a priceless gift over the last two days. Please let Tom know.”
– James Hawksley

“I have studied with many, many great teachers, and Tom is just an awesome combination of them all. Since the Toronto workshop, I am feeling driven as hell! I wanted to ask him a few questions at the end but the line of students who wanted to speak with him was overwhelming!!”
– Dylan Smith

“I took the workshop, and I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for bringing this to us! Tom is the best teacher I have ever had, ever! I look forward to his return!”
– Chris Lang

This is the ‘fear of intimacy girl’ from the Toronto workshop last weekend. First off, I need to say that this has been the best thing I have could have possibly done in terms of my acting career. At 29, I’m only now really starting out. I was married for ten years and just didn’t have the support system to go there the way I wanted to. ”
“I really needed that breakthrough! It was hard, and fast and I was so vulnerable. It did hurt, but it was a good hurt, and afterwards, I felt wonderful and raw. I have learned more about acting and who I am in those two days than I have in months of acting classes….”
“…What you said about people waving their arms about–in my case eyebrows, too–made complete sense to me. Especially when you added that actors do it because they don’t feel like they’re enough. I grew up fighting for my life (I almost didn’t win), and being taught that I’m not enough. It truly blows my mind that I came away from this workshop better in every area, not just acting! You have helped me redefine who I really am. ”
” I can’t thank you enough for that. Acting is the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do. I never imagined I would end up divorced with two children, living on next to nothing and pursuing an acting career at 29. I’ve never had a back up plan, but you know what? I have never had more faith, nor felt so free in my entire life.
You’re a beautiful man, Tom Todoroff! Great Big Love”
– Barb Johnny

“I am definitely going to Tom’s next workshop!!!! I learned so much just watching. I can only imagine how much you learn when you’re performing. He was a breath of fresh air. I couldn’t believe how late he stayed with us, because we had questions and he cared about us! Most people would have been out. HE HAS CLASS!!! I’m addicted to TOM.”
“Whenever he comes into the city, I will be in his workshop!
Tom is the FIRE! A powerful fire! Wow! I’m out of breath!”
– Jana

“Thomas T. for me? Reminiscent of Leonard Bernstein teaching student orchestral conductors, eating together, rapid-fire word games, remembering his most loving mentors, passing on passwords [“inner beats”]. I have eleven pages of unreadable notes to type into my computer tomorrow. An excellent experience!”
“Centuries later, after two days of Todoroff, I am thinking this was the best addition to my previous ignorance ever experienced!”

– Donald Orr

“The workshop with Tom was unbelievable…truly amazing! I have so much to work on, but no matter what level you’re at, he can bring it out! It’s great that Tom’s coming back for future workshops! It’s such a great group of actors. It will be wonderful as an ongoing thing!
Thanks again! You have no idea how this has changed my approach to acting and life. A big thanks!”
– Glen Michael


“A warm-hearted, honest from my soul, THANK YOU for this event!”

– Raymond John Ulbikas


“Tom’s workshop was the most purpose-distilling, beautiful event in these past few months. In addition to the encouragement and positivity, I shall always cherish concepts which struck a strong chord with me:
When you do something for yourself, you go through the front door. When you do it for others, you knock on the back door. I am stepping through the front door. I am promising myself that I’ll listen to myself and act (i.e. live) as truthfully as I can.”
“Most of all, I am excited that I feel so excited! I can’t remember feeling that powerfully before. I don’t remember being able to say these words before. Thank you for everything, and I can’t wait to continue the process in Los Angeles in a few weeks!

Love and thanks,”

– Marya Delver
“I learned so much from Tom’s insights and experience, and a lot by observing everyone else’s work and the changes after his recommendations. I also really appreciated how patient and honest Tom was, and very giving- even with his time while staying so late with us.”

“I am so grateful. This workshop helped give me a sense of urgency and strengthened my resolve in going after my dreams. I look forward to learning more so that I can give back.
Thank you!”

– Michael Long


“I loved the music playing between the scenes – it keeps the energy up. I loved the way Tom introduces each scene – with such great respect for the play, the writer and the players. The practical application of the guideposts is the tool I’ve been looking for. I really got how to activate my work in a way that is immediate. It takes my work from acceptable to extraordinary in a moment… especially introducing the notion of mischief.”
“I feel freer in my performance and more able to commit to my choices. Tom’s generosity of spirit, warmth and tremendous respect for actors is a huge gift to us. I am so grateful…”
“…This was a life changing experience for me in a number of ways. I approach performance as a path for the divine in the self, and Tom is the first teacher I’ve met who has managed to integrate acting and spirituality without getting flakey.”
“I’m so excited about this new “relationship” and look forward to crossing paths again and again with Tom.
Thank you for bringing Tom to our city!”
– Michael Cohen

“Thanks, Tom!
You are a phenomenal coach and a fascinating human being. Thank you for your encouragement and for providing a work plan to follow for getting back to that place of play I love so much! I’m really looking forward to learning more from you. I can’t wait to see where this adventure will take all of us!”

– Anna Stassis

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